Saturday Looks Good To Me
Sound on Sound

RDR010 | 2006 | CD

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Saturday Looks Good To Me is pure pop magic from Michigan. Since the group accidentally materialized out of a broken four-track left on in the basement back at the turn of the century, they've been shifting and stuttering through dreamed-out dance floors and reverb-soaked mini-symphonies, developing into one of the most interesting and critically admired bands in the independent music world. Led by songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas, a rotating cast of over 75 talented backing musicians have lent their skills to three full-length albums, scads of additional releases and singles, and endless international touring. Though Thomas creates the lyrics and music, vocal duties are often traded to different female vocalists, most recently those of consistent member Betty Barnes. Taking a page from the Motown aesthetic, the band has grown from super-crusty low fidelity dance pop through orchestrally rich anthems and presently is working on unleashing their masterpiece, a final full-length album to flip the script and change the game-plan once and for all.

Between the release of their three full-length records, Saturday Looks Good To Me has created a total of 12 EPs, 7-inches, singles, and tour CDs, all limited, sold-out and highly sought after by fans. Sound on Sound collects these impossible-to-find tracks, presenting 30 songs recorded from the band's inception in 2000 through its most recent sessions in 2005. The record moves in chronological fashion through five vocalists, including the band's earliest singers who had not yet been featured on full-length releases, and about 20 other musicians, in different combinations on most songs. In the disc's nearly 80-minute running time, evolution is evident, but each song delivers a very different take on rock pop perfection and Saturday Looks Good To Me's broad acceptance of pop music history, as Sound On Sound stuffs the best of the band's unavailable music into one amazing and somehow cohesive document.

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1. Can’t Ever Sleep (mp3)
2. Listen To My Heart (The Ramones)
3. Nervous
4. It Sounds Like They’re In Love With You
5. Liquor Store
6. Your Small Heart
7. Summer Doesn’t Count (Unless You’re Here With Me)
8. Love Will Find You
9. Labcoat
10. Pet Store
11. One Hundred People
13. Mistletoe
14. Lift Me Up (mp3)
15. Light Bulb Heart
16. Diary
17. When You Go Out Tonight
18. Girl Of Mine
19. Until The World Stops Spinning
20. Hiding
21. Learn To Live With Your Heartbreaks (A. Goland/G. Sciandra)
22. This Time Every Year
23. Blue Christmas (B. Hayes/J. Johnson)
24. Christmas Blues
25. Parking Lot Blues
26. I Don’t Want To Go
27. Disaster (mp3)
28. The Girl’s Distracted (First Version)
29. Last Year
30. Own